We dont have 39 diferent strains from Vancouver-island-seed-company in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

B-Bud stock:Available
Bitch stock:Available
Black Velvet stock:Available
Blackberry stock:Available
British Columbian stock:Available
Bud Lite stock:Available
Burmese stock:Available
Bush Bud stock:Available
Che stock:Available
Copperhead stock:Available
Dubble Bubble stock:Available
Eve stock:Available
Vancouver Island Seed Company stock:Available
Fucking Incredible stock:Available
GSPot stock:Available
Indigo stock:Available
Jinn stock:Available
Kat stock:Available
KGB stock:Available
Memery stock:Available
Midnight stock:Available
Mystic stock:Available
Nagano Gold stock:Available
Nuclear stock:Available
Olympic stock:Available
Passionfruit stock:Available
Ripper stock:Available
Silver Streak stock:Available
Sin stock:Available
Smut stock:Available
Sweet stock:Available
THC stock:Available
Titanium stock:Available
Vertigo stock:Available
Virgin stock:Available
WMD stock:Available
Y2K stock:Available